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Recruitment Notice of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Expert PDF Print E-mail

Mission of the position: The IWRM Regional Expert is responsible for the coordination and technical monitoring of studies, works and activities relating to the IWRM component of PIDACC/NB. He/she is placed under the authority of the Regional Programme Coordinator within the PRCU.

Main responsibilities:The Integrated Water Resources Management Expert is responsible for the following tasks:
a) Supervise the development and implementation of the IWRM-Climate Action Plan for the Niger Basin;
b) Supervise PIDACC/NB’s IWRM activities in the countries;
c) Ensure the consistency of all the development activities of the various planning tools in relation to the water sector;
d) Support to countries in the development and implementation of the Participatory Management Plan for the national portions of the basin;
e) Technical assistance to the Programme National Coordinating Units of Countries in terms of  IWRM;
f) Supervision and technical coordination of activities for the concerted management of shared water resources in relation to other natural resources;
g) Planning and monitoring of project activities in consultation with team members and other departments, and taking into account the various constraints;  
h) Coordinate IWRM activities at regional level;
i) Quality control and Verification of technical files (ToR, execution of contracts, studies and technical reports);
j) Contribute to the selection and recruitment of the various service providers (consulting and control firms, construction work companies, etc.) involved in the project;
k) Develop the elements of the Acquisition Plan of goods, services and works;
l) Take part in the monitoring and evaluation of the Programme;
m) Take part in the preparation of periodic activity reports;
n) Execute all other tasks related to the management of water resources within the framework of PIDACC/NB requested by his Direct Supervisor;
o) Consider the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) within the framework of IWRM.

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