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The Council of Ministers PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 September 2011 14:54

1. The Council of Ministers of the Authority, hereinafter referred to as «the Council », is the control organ of the Authority. It is composed of Ministers or their duly accredited representatives at the rate of one vote per member State. Each Minister may be assisted by
2. The Council is responsible for monitoring the activities of the Executive Secretariat and reports to the Summit on the activities. It prepares the Sessions of the Summit, examines all issues, deals with matters submitted to it and, in turns, submit recommendations to the
3. The Council meets once a year in ordinary session. Quorum is fonned by simple majority. Recommendations and resolutions are adopted by consensus.
4. The Council meets in the countries assuming the current Chainnanship, failing that,in the Headquarters country or in any other place as may be indicated by the Chainnan of the Summit. The Chainnan has a two-year tenn. In between the sessions, he represents the Council.
5. He takes decisions in accordance with the directives of the Summit and within the limits of the powers delegated to him. The chairmanship is assumed in turns following the alphabetical order of the name of the countries in French.