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Bulletin Mensuel DĂ©cembre 2021 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 March 2022 13:52

During December 2021, the decline that began in early November continues in the Upper Niger, the Inner Delta and the Lower Niger. On the other hand, the flood coming from the upper basin continues its evolution in the middle Niger.
The Selingué dams in Mali and Kainji in Nigeria have started gradual releases to support downstream flows.
The data used for the various analyses below came from hydrological observation networks of the National Hydrological Services and Dam Authorities of nine (9) member countries.
The flow analysis situation was carried out by dividing the basin into four (4) sub-catchments also represented with reference gauging stations as follows: Upper Niger at Koulikoro (Mali), Inland Delta at Dire (Mali), Middle Niger in Niamey (Niger) and Lower Niger at Lokoja (Nigeria)

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