Thursday, 18 August 2011 11:35

The support project for the ‚Äúacquisition, treatment, and modeling process of hydrological data for an effective management of the water resources in the Niger River Basin‚ÄĚ, commonly known as the IWRM 2 Project received a grant of 3.4 million Euros from FDA (Convention CZZ 1369 signed on 14th October, 2010).¬† ¬†

The project is within the framework of the implementation of Component 3 of the NBA 2008-2027 Investment Programme of the ‚ÄúCapacity Building and Involvement of the IWRM Actors‚ÄĚ and notably the subcomponent ‚Äúcapacities building of the knowledge function‚ÄĚ. ¬†

The fundamental objective of the project is to provide NBA with means to enable it to efficiently ensure the monitoring of both water resources and major hydraulic infrastructures for a harmonious, integrated and coordinated management of these works while valuing the data and tools already developed and completing them.  

The achievement of the project include, among other things:
-    Hydrological equipments, some of which are of a top  technological standard (ADCP flow measurement equipments, data collection platforms based on the METEOSAT communication system);
-    Building the capacities of national meteorological, water resources management and NBA agents;
-    Ten operational databases at NBA and at the level of NHSs (new Hydromet software);
-    Improving hydrological data and information processing and dissemination systems (technical notes, hydrological and forecast bulletins).

Coordinator: M Brehima Coulibaly