Study on the preparation of the Investment Plan and formulation of investment projects necessary for implementing the Shared Vision Print

The NBA Investment Programme is the crowning point in the Shared Vision process. The part it is to play is one of federation and integration. It must combine and unite all the other present and/or future NBA activities.

The institutional set-up for the implementation of the IP must therefore look to meet two types of need:
- Short term: it must be compatible with the implementation of the WREM-DP and other ongoing projects and programmes (RSWDT, SCP, support to the HYCOS project, ES-NBA capacity building project, etc.) and enable gradual harmonisation of the operating modes of the various activities,
- Medium term: it must break away from the project and programme logic ("classified" by fund donor) and move ahead towards an implementation of the IP as the sole programme implemented by the NBA. In other words, the institutional organisation must evolve. It must step away from the "project = fund donor" principle towards a rationale that reproduces the structure of the IP (field, component and sub-component).


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