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Presentation of the object and content of the first four (4) Annexes to the Niger Basin Water Charter
1. Annex 1 to the Water Charter relating to the protection of the environment requires States to carry out an ESIA for all projects and activities with significant negative impact on the environment and water resources of the pool. It specifies the content of the ESIA report and the administrative procedure for the assessment and examination of the ESIA. A Guide for quality assurance of ESIA reports has been adopted by the countries to enable the NBA to manage the ESIA of works with cross-border impact.

2. Annex 2, relating to the water regulation for the coordinated management of structural dams. Its objectives are to define the general rules, methods and constraints for the coordinated management of all existing and future structuring dams on the Niger River and its tributaries, while taking into account the major social, economic and environmental challenges of the watershed. hydrographic. This appendix should be finalized at the end of 2019.
3. Annex 3 to the Water Charter, relating to the prior notification of planned measures, requires promoter States to notify the other States and the NBA of any planned project likely to have significant negative effects for Niger Basin hydro-systems or the other Basin States. This annex is accompanied by technical documents relating to the nomenclature of planned measures subject to prior notification or declaration, and to the content of the notification and declaration files.
4. Annex 4 to the Water Charter, relating to the sharing of costs and benefits of common works or works of common interest, determines the cost-benefit sharing model applicable to any common work or work of common interest carried out in the Niger basin. This appendix fixes, among other things, the parameters for calculating the sharing rule and the methodology for determining the cost and benefit distribution key.



The Niger Basin Water Charter Certified copy
Appendix n°1 to the Niger Basin Water Charter Relating to the Protection of Environment
Annex N°2 to the Niger Basin Water Charter Relating to the Water Regulations for the Coordinated Management of the Structuring Dams
Annex N°3 to the Niger Basin Water Charter  on the Prior Notification of Ploanned Mea and the Examination of Prior Notification Submissions
Annex N°4 to the Niger Basin Water Charter  on Cos and Benefit-Sharing in Relation to Common Infrastructure and Infrastructure of Common Interest