Summary of the presentation “Experience in Transboundary Water Management (TWM) with the Water Charter and its Annexes Print
Wednesday, 23 March 2022 09:50

Transboundary water management is a major challenge in the Niger River Basin, given its large surface area (with an active basin of 1,500,000 km²), the number (9) of riparian countries and the complexity of the issues at stake in the management of natural resources and the integrated and sustainable development of the basin.
For this, the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) has established a legal framework (Niger Basin Water Charter and its Annexes) since 2011, in compliance with the political and strategic orientations (Sustainable Development Action Plan, Strategic Plan and its Operational Plan) and the Shared Vision. This legal arsenal defines and governs the institutional framework (Council of Ministers, Permanent Technical Committee and Support Structures), and technical mechanisms, instruments and tools.
The management of transboundary waters in the Niger Basin has been stepped up with the adoption in November 2019 of Annex No. 2 on Water Regulations for the coordinated management of major dams (≥ 1 km3) and the adoption in November 2021 of Annex No. 5 on the Legal Status of Common Infrastructure and Common Interest Infrastructure. The later will allow the forthcoming declaration of the future Fomi/Moussako dam in upstream as a Common Interest Infrastructure. This multi-purpose Infrastructure, including the regulation of the Niger River regime, will reinforce the management of transboundary waters along the Niger River.

« Expérience dans le cadre de la Gestion des Eaux Transfrontalières (GET) avec la Charte de l’Eau et ses annexes