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Regional synthesis report on national multi-sectoral studies PDF Print E-mail

In their decision to make NBA a tool of regional cooperation and of integrated development promotion of the basins, the member countries requested that a clear and Shared Vision of NBA be developed with the support of partners so as to create an <enabling environment> for cooperation and to elaborate a Sustainable Development Action Plan (SDAP) agreed upon by all stakeholders of the basin.
For this purpose, NBA decided to achieve, a national multi-sectoral study in each member state to make an inventory of fixtures, to assess the opportunities, constraints and priorities per development sector in the national portions of the basin.

Then, it mandated a team of two regional consultants to:
- prepare a regional synthesis document, from the nine (9) national multi-sectoral studies;
- facilitate the formulation of the proposed formulated Shared Vision for the sustainable development of the Niger basin;
- define strategic GUIDELINES required for the quest of synergy and for the comprehensible coherence of NBA actions with the other regional economic integration strategies.
The current report is the outcome of the regional consultation.


For more details, download the synthesis report