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National SATH Project Workshops PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 May 2018 14:58

SATH Project: "Satellite Based Water Monitoring and Flow forecasting System in the Niger Basin" gives hope and reassures End-users of satellite products and weather information in the Niger Basin, through Nine (09) National Workshops in the NBA's Nine Member Countries.
Faithful to the spirit of the creation of the Niger Basin Authority through its main goal "To promote cooperation between the Member States and to ensure the integrated development of the Niger Basin in all fields of energy, hydraulics, agriculture, livestock farming, fishing and fish farming, forestry and forestry, transport and communications, and industry ", the NBA Executive Secretariat implements projects and programs for the benefit of the 130 million people living in the Niger Basin. Making them a population without borders at the same time Burkinabe, Beninese, Cameroonian, Ivorian, Guinean, Malian, Nigerian, Nigerian and Chadian.

Among the projects and programs implemented are the SATH Project «Satellite Based Water Monitoring and Flow forecasting System in the Niger Basin " which aims to support NBA in hydrological and climatic data collection, capacity building through the establishment of a system for monitoring water resources and flow forecast using satellite images in the Niger River basin.
The Niger Basin, like other basins in the world, is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, which sometimes manifests itself in phenomena that are difficult to assess and control: severe droughts, floods, water and land pollution, etc. This vulnerability unfortunately hampers the development momentum of our various countries. The sustainable development challenges of our various member countries require better management of the basin's natural resources. The monitoring of water resources is one of the key activities of the NBA; its sustainability is a major concern for the NBA Executive Secretariat and its member countries in view of the evolution of the major issues of socio-economic and environmental development. Regards to these challenges of sustainable development, the NBA, through its Observatory, implements modeling tools to develop products useful for the proper planning of the basin's development and the rational management of the basin's natural resources. . It is based in this context that the SATH project has organized Nine (09) National training Workshops and one decision regional workshop in the Member States with a view to strengthening the capacities of the various stakeholders involved in the collection and dissemination of satellite data and climate information.
For several days, the project management unit team, with the collaboration of the project consultants EARS and UNESCO-IHE, has been very satisfied with the national training workshops in each of the nine NBA member countries, thus completing the first phase of the activities of the project.