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Integrated water resources management in the Niger River Basin / BMZ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 15:50

Since 2007, the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has been supporting NBA through its Technical and Financial Cooperation.

During the last intergovernmental negotiations, the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany allocated, within the framework of future multilateral and through the German financial cooperation (FC), a total amount of 21 million Euros. The Niger Basin Authority (NBA) could be the beneficiary of that amount for the financing of the following two projects: the “River Niger Protection” project for a maximum of 10 million euros and the “Sustainable Irrigation for Small Farmers in the Republic of Niger” project for a maximum amount of 11 million euros.

The German Cooperation for Development (GIZ) has been supporting NBA since 2007 in building its organizational and institutional capacities. The total amount planned is of 7.5 million euros. Hence, with the support of GIZ, NBA has been able to develop, among other things, the Water Charter which was long ago approved by all NBA member countries. Also, NBA has an environmental annex since the last Council of Ministers (September 2011). The “Support to NBA” project is organized in a crosscutting manner in supporting NBA in a structuring way and in working in collaboration with other projects and programmes of the technical and financial international cooperation.    

Surface water and ground water are interacting elements of a watershed. Knowing about ground water is essential to water balance and helps to better assess the economic and environmental framework of the Niger River watershed. In the first phase of the “Support to Ground Water” project, BGR will, in collaboration with NBA and National Focal Structures (NFSs), implement activities on the sustainable management of transboundry aquifers.