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Synthetic presentation of the project by beneficiary countries and regional coordination

Program Integrated for Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Niger Basin (IPCCCD/NB)

In the concretization of its mandate to "Promote the protection and the rational and sustainable exploitation of this natural resource that constitutes the river area", the NBA initiated in 2019, with the financial support of the several partners, including the AfDB, the implementation of a vast "Program Integrated for Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Niger Basin (IPCCCD/NB)".

The main challenges facing the Programme relate to: (i) the silting of the Niger River, mainly linked to wind and water erosion from upstream to downstream, from Guinea to Nigeria; (ii) ensuring shared and the rational management of the water resources; (iii) the developing of the resilience of ecosystems, the natural resources and the populations supported by climate change adaptation measures; and (iv) the rehabilitation of the navigation sections in order to strengthen trade between certain Member Country.
The Program is structured around three components : (i) Ecosystem and the natural resource resilience development (ii) Population resilience development; and (iii) Program coordination and management. Gender and environmental protection issues are integrated across all components.
The projected duration of the PIDACC/NB is 6 years. Its total cost, including taxes and customs contingencies, is estimated at CFAF 120 billion financed by the Afdb and its partners. To this is added an amount of 24 Million Euros financed by the German Financial Cooperation for the benefit of Guinea (14 Million) and Mali (10 million) through the KFW.

Download the Operational Plan 2016-2024 PIDACC Nigeria

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