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NBA News
operationalization of the Regional Clamate Change Adaptation Fund and the Payment of the Environment Services mechanism in the Niger Basin
Wednesday, 24 February 2021 14:40

The Niger hosting the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee for the operationalization of the Regional Clamate Change Adaptation Fund and the Payment of the Environment Services mechanism in the Niger Basin from March 02nd to 04th, 2021.
During this meetin, the participants will mainly discuss the development of the implementation strategy of the RCCAF/PES roadmap and its action plan.
Will take part in this meeting : the Executive Secretary of Niger Basin Authority (NBA) ; surrunded by several close collaboration ; members of the Ad Hoc Committee for the operationalization of the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Funds (RCCAF) ; the NBA Experts ; the Representatives of the Niger Ministries of Hydraulic and the Sanitation, the Environment ; Urban, Sanitation and Sustainable Development, Agriculture and livestock, the National Water Sanitation Commission, and the Water Sector Regulatory Agency.

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Press Release
Friday, 27 November 2020 15:16

Nigeria is hosting the 39th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers of the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) from 7th to 11th December 2020.
The Executive Secretariat of the Niger Basin Authority, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources of Nigeria, the NBA Supervising Ministry, is organizing the 39th Ordinary Session of the NBA Council of Ministers. This session will start with the Meeting of the Technical Committee of Experts, preparatory to the Ministers’ meeting, from 7th to 10th December 2020.  38th Ordinary Session and the 2019 Extraordinary Session of the Council of Ministers from 7th to 10th October 2019. The meeting of Ministers will be held on 11th December 2019.
The agenda includes several important items, particularly the draft organization chart of the Executive Secretariat, the status of the implementation of the Operational Plan, the construction of the NBA Headquarters, the 2021-2023 Objective-based Programme Budget (OPB) and the 2021 Budget of the Authority.
This 39th Session will be attended by: Representatives of the NBA Member Countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Chad), Representatives of Technical and Financial Partners, Executives of the NBA Executive Secretariat, and the Niger Basin populations through the Chairman of the Regional Coordinating Unit of the Users of Niger Basin’s Natural Resources.

Press contact
: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Overflow on Niger Basin Authority'a Technical Directorate and its surroundings
Friday, 28 August 2020 11:19

On Sunday 23rd August 2020, the Niger River rose out of its main bed and invaded the Technical Directorate of the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) and its surroundings. The riverside population is completely in the water and does not know who to turn to. Also, several material damages have been noticed: houses and training centres completely in flooded, the Niger rice husking factory submerged, rice fields immersed, household effects destroyed, etc.
Indeed, ten days ago, the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) gave the red alert (www.sath.abn.ne) that the water level would be very high, with even high risks of flooding. The water level started to rise since 11th August 2020, going from 605 cm to 629 cm on 12th August 2020. This upward trend continued rapidly and reached the level 660 cm on Sunday 23rd August 2020, thus exceeding the 620 cm red alert level in Niamey. The heavy rains recorded between 18th and 24th August, 2020 in Niamey and Tillaberi regions and in the Burkina part of the Niger Basin accentuated the rapid rise in the water levels in Niamey, going from 660 cm to 675 cm on 25th August 2020. This recorded 675 cm water level, never observed before, is 55 cm higher than the 620 cm red alert threshold, which led to the river’s overflow into flood-prone areas by submerging the protection dyke downstream of the Kennedy Bridge.
It should be noted that the failure to continue the reinforcement of the dyke protecting the Niger River’s right bank beyond the old Kennedy Bridge, further downstream, probably favoured the submersion of the dyke on that part, thus causing the flooding of the AGRHYMET Regional Centre and the NBA Technical Directorate, as well as the road passing in front of the Technical Directorate. In addition, the river bed was filled in or silted up, which is an aggravating factor for the floods. Also, actions by riparian populations, which block the natural ways of the river’s water, have certainly helped in accentuating this flooding situation in the area.
Within the framework of the Niger River’s hydrological monitoring, the National Directorate of Hydrology of the Republic of Niger, together with the team of the Niger Basin Observatory, conducted two gauging sessions during the month of August 2020 for the verification and validation of the rating curve in effect at the Niamey station. Thus, on Tuesday 25th August, 2020, the flow rate was 2,420 m3/s and the level was 669 cm. This 2420 m3/s flood wave will propagate downstream of Niamey to reach the localities of Say, Tamou and Gaya in Niger, Alibori and Malanville in Benin, and Jiderebode and Kainji in Nigeria.
Faced with this observed critical situation, the competent national authorities must intensify the sensitization of downstream riparian populations in order for them to take the necessary measures for evacuating the area.

Official launch of PIDACC TCHAD
Monday, 23 March 2020 18:49

Official launch of the Programme Integrated for Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Niger Basin under the High Patronage of His Excellency IDRISS DEBI YTNO represented by His Excellency Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic.
The African Development Bank, the Government of Chad and the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) launched the Programme Integrated for Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Niger Basin (PIDACC/NB) on Wednesday 26 February 2020, at PALA. Chad Component.
With a total cost of about CFAF 132,025 billion, including CFAF 11,428,000,000 billion for the Chad, the PIDACC/NB will contribute to improving the resilience of the Niger River ecosystems and the populations through the sustainable management of the natural resources for the benefit of 130 million of the people in the Niger Basin area spread across the 9 member countries that make it up.

Modeling and a strengthened decision-making process to help the ecosystem of the Niger basin
Tuesday, 13 October 2020 08:16

On International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction 2020, we turn our focus on the recent floods witnessed in Niger. Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) advocates for creating a cohesive governance mechanism to mitigate the impact of climate change by empowering institutions and making evidence-based decisions.
Enhancing Niger Basin’s ecosystem through modeling and improved decision making
The Niger River – a source of life and hope – can be destructive if not properly managed as the August floods in Niger and Mali show as it can have damaging consequences, especially on the communities living on the edge of the river. Today, largely unregulated in its upper and central sections, the river is the third-longest in Africa. Large investments are ongoing in Guinea, Mali, and Niger.
Given its transboundary nature and its critical role for the region’s socio-economic development, cooperation between riparian countries is key and will be even more critical once the new dams are built. The Niger Basin Authority (NBA) needs to be ready when this time comes.

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Mr. GADO SABO MOCTAR, Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation of Niger, NBA’ Supervising Minister visiting the NBA
Monday, 17 August 2020 22:28

This Friday 14th August, 2020, after he had visited the Niger River’s water retention dikes at Haro Banda and Saguiya in Niamey city, the Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation of Niger, the Niger Basin Authority’ Supervising Minister, Mr. GADO SABO MOCTAR paid a working visit to the Niger Basin Authority to get acquainted with the living and working conditions of the institution' staff.
In his welcome address, the NBA Executive Secretary, Mr. ABDERAHIM BIREME HAMID, said he was very moved and satisfied with the Minister and his delegation’s visit to his Institution. This shows the unfailing commitment of Mr. GADO SABO MOCTAR to the NBA, as from the time he was a national Member of Parliament of Niger and member of the Regional Network of Members of Parliament of the Niger Basin.
In his exchanges with the NBA staff, the Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation of Niger, Mr. GADO SABO MOCTAR, stated that the NBA is doing a remarkable work in the field of hydraulics in the nine (9) countries composing it. Also, Honourable GADO SABO MOCTAR encouraged and strongly urged the NBA to continue in the same vein in order to achieve more convincing results. The new NBA headquarters’ construction project is one of the major concerns of the Supervising Minister. During the meeting, Mr. GADO SABO MOCTAR reassured the staff of his support and commitment to the NBA actions.