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Request for Interest
Notice of Expression of Interest (Consultant Services) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 03 March 2020 08:25

The Consultant will have to undertake the following tasks:
- Take note of the M&E Guide in order to be able to integrate the key elements of the M&E system to be put in place, particularly the approach recommended for developing the programme baseline;
- Define and make the PRCU/NB adopt a methodology as well as a roadmap for the establishment of the Baseline Reference;  
- Support the start of the assignment, the organization of the regional indicator and impact monitoring workshop, of which the Baseline Reference would constitute one of the launching activities, in line with the regular campaigns planned for the collection of indicator data (see, if we can be combined with the regional Regional Technical Coordination Committee workshop planned for March 2020);
- Remotely support (teleconferencing) training sessions for PNCUs or consultants they have recruited for the establishment of the country Baseline Reference, in order to harmonize the methodologies to be used;
- Set up a database containing the Baseline Reference and produce a user guide;
- Set up an integrated and harmonized monitoring & evaluation system of PIDACC/NB;
- Establish and validated a final report integrating the database implementation report and its integration on the website.

Download the Notice of Expression of Interest