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Hydrological Satellite Based Project (SATH) In the Niger Basin
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Monday, 28 May 2018 14:58

SATH Project: "Satellite Based Water Monitoring and Flow forecasting System in the Niger Basin" gives hope and reassures End-users of satellite products and weather information in the Niger Basin, through Nine (09) National Workshops in the NBA's Nine Member Countries.
Faithful to the spirit of the creation of the Niger Basin Authority through its main goal "To promote cooperation between the Member States and to ensure the integrated development of the Niger Basin in all fields of energy, hydraulics, agriculture, livestock farming, fishing and fish farming, forestry and forestry, transport and communications, and industry ", the NBA Executive Secretariat implements projects and programs for the benefit of the 130 million people living in the Niger Basin. Making them a population without borders at the same time Burkinabe, Beninese, Cameroonian, Ivorian, Guinean, Malian, Nigerian, Nigerian and Chadian.

Thursday, 07 August 2014 10:24

The implementation of the project “satellite-based water resources monitoring and flow forecasts system in the River Basin” within the framework of the hydrological satellite based project (SATH) in the Niger Basin has started. The project has been developed in Deft (Netherlands) by EARS and UNESCO-IHE and will be executed in the Niger Basin following its successful implementation in the Yellow River Basin in China.

The SATH project is a satellite-based system for collecting data and information on hydrology, meteorology, and agriculture. It also helps to monitor climate change impact, floods and drought in the Niger Basin. It supplements certain project and programme activities being implemented at the NBA.

It is worth mentioning that the Niger Government, through His Excellency Mr. WASSALKÉ Boukari Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, and the Netherlands Government, represented by Mr. Bas PULLES, Ag Director of NL EVD International, signed the ORIO Grant Agreement for establishing the project in 2013. The contract for the implementation of the project was also signed between NBA and the EARS Consultant in February 2014.

The ORIO donor allotted 42,280 euros for the development phase of the project following the signing of an agreement with the Minister of Hydraulics of Niger in 2011. The project includes three (3) phases, namely the development phase, the implementation phase and the operation and maintenance phase. The development phase of the project has produced the final document for the implementation of the project which has started at the NBA and the operation and maintenance phase that is to start later.

The implementation phase is estimated at 4,043,813 euros for a three-year period. ORIO will provide 2,016,227 euros, representing about 49.86%, as a grant and NBA will provide 1,887,604 euros, that is 46.68% in kind. EARS and UNESCO-IHE will respectively provide 100,000 euros and 40,000, representing respectively 2.47% and 0.99%. The operation and maintenance phase is estimated at 2,783,290 euros for a five-year period. ORIO will provide 765,590 euros representing about 27,51% as a grant and the NBA will provide 2,017,700 euros representing 72.49% in kind.

Coordinator: Mr.  Ibrahim OLOMODA