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Wednesday, 13 February 2019 15:39

This training manual is the product of two specific policy visions.
The first is derived from one of the pillars of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM): that all water should be managed as a unitary resource within hydrological basin boundaries.
The second relates to the obvious transboundary nature of water as rivers flow from one country to the next. International development cooperation in the water sector is therefore increasingly supporting transboundary cooperation mechanisms.
Although groundwater has not been excluded from these policy visions, its integration into river  basin management organizations and appreciation of the transboundary nature of groundwater flows have lagged behind. This is a product of both the complexity of the groundwater resource and its ‘invisibility’ to the public eye.
As a result, many African multi-state basin organizations do not even have a mandate to manage transboundary groundwater or coordinate its management between the basin states. Even where such a mandate does exist, many of these basin organizations have limited capacity to do so.
As a result of these conditions, BGR / AGW-Net / IWMI carried out a ‘needs assessment for   transboundary groundwater management’ in nine international river basin organizations in Africa1. This survey revealed the varying needs in the different basin organizations for effective   transboundary groundwater management.
This training manual has been complied in response to the needs expressed and is designed to help develop capacity within the basin organizations to manage their transboundary groundwater issues.

The topics covered range from policy and legislation, through bio-physical resource issues to communication and stakeholder relations. Much of the material in this manual is also relevant for internal national basin organizations.

Editor: Dr. Richard Owen
Africa Groundwater Network.

Download the training manual NB: User name: ages  / Password: ages2019

Bulletin No 1 - 11/2018 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 January 2019 17:04

The AGES (NBA/BGR) project is presenting the first edition of its bulletin on groundwater in the Niger Basin. The existing data on the actual situation of groundwater resources at catchment scale are incomplete, non-structured, and they are by far a solid foundation for its sustainable management.
To tackle the above cited problems, the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) and the German Federal Institute of Geoscience and Natural Resources (BGR), within the framework of the German Technical Cooperation are jointly implementing the Project “Support for Groundwater Management in the Niger Basin (AGES)”.

Download the Bulletin